Our technology distinguishes us in today's highly competitive, economically challenged business climate. This powerful software enables our clients to:
  • Access your accounts securely online, via the internet and in real-time, 24-7, from your own computer or from anywhere in the world. We provide you an icon that can be conveniently placed onto your desktop, which allows you instant access to your accounts

  • Enter new accounts at your convenience by using our online placement form (example onetwo, three)

  • Have instant notification when an account needs their response. We integrate status codes into our software that automatically provides our clients a flashing icon showing them when we need their response (You've got reviews!) - see an example of this on the home page which we provide to our clients

  • View and retrieve critical management reports (example one, two, three), with details as desired, at any time enabling you to keep a pulse on your cash flow and collections

  • Interact, via our secured website, with our collectors, to access, as
    well as input, details on your accounts
    (example one and two)

  • Search for existing collection claims

At DSY Recovery Services, we pride ourselves in allowing you access to your accounts.  The difference is right here for you to see.