Our Services

Free Demand Letter

Is this account a collection matter now or not? Our Free Demand letter is the perfect
solution to identifying those 'on the fence accounts' from the accounts that need to
be in collections. We will send a demand to your debtor on our letterhead regarding
payment of their past due account. A deadline of ten (10) days will be given to the
debtor to resolve the account in an amicable manner. However, we will hold our
collection efforts in abeyance and give the debtor fourteen (14) days to do the right
thing and pay your bill. We begin immediate handling of the account on day fifteen
(15) if we have not been paid directly by the debtor or notified by your office of
payment in full.

Legal Forwarding

At DSY, we believe litigation should be a last resort, but if our efforts fail, we have a network of experienced attorneys that cover the United States and most foreign countries that we can call upon to support our efforts to collect your delinquent accounts. No costs are incurred for this service without your prior notice and approval.

Trust Account

All funds sent directly to our office by debtors are placed in a non-interest bearing
escrow account. DSY Recovery Services will notify you immediately upon receiving
funds. The funds are always placed in a trust account to ensure that the debtor's
check clears.

Skip Tracing

DSY uses a variety of search tools to track down those who do not wish to be